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Friday, 10 September 2010

Have they something to hide?

Just watch the vid.

You tell me.

Personally I would hound all 650 out of parliament. After all, most of the statutes originate from the EU now.

H/t to Old Holborn


  1. Coo...does that mean they DO have something to we get digging then eh!

  2. Probably. Otherwise why not say publish and be damned? There's something they're not comfortable with.

  3. They all have plenty to hide, whether it be their expenses, their true allegiancies or "dirty-doings" in their private lives ..

    There isn't a genuinely "clean" one amongst them ..

  4. As the seven persistant little ones once sang;
    Le-ets dig dig dig dig dig dig dig
    lets dig the whole day through,
    Lets dig dig dig dig dig dig dig until they want to sue.
    Then dig dig dig and dig some more,
    because we're getting near,
    and dig dig dig and dig again
    to ex-pose all their fears.

    And when we dig ,we'll find the pig
    his nose deep in the trough
    We only dig to stop the prigs,and make the bastards cough.

    Hi-igh whores,hide flaws,
    High whores, hide flaws.

    High whores, low mores
    and their illegal wars
    high whores,low mores
    they're rotten to the core!

    So we'-ll dig dig dig and dig up stuff
    Until they cry enough!
    We'll dig dig dig and dig dig dig till we can call their bluff

    And when we've done, we'll hang the scum,
    out drying in the wind
    And when theyre dry we'll make them fry
    Because the bastards sinned.

    High whores, low mores,
    High whores, low mores....

    But unlike Snow White, they won't like 7 dwarves up 'em! eh!

    WV= roniness, I like it!

  5. As the arseholes keep telling us, "If you've nothing to hide, then you've nothing to fear."
    What do these limp-wristed, lily-livered cnuts have to keep from us?


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