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Friday, 10 September 2010

Click 1…….

A London primary school has become the first to outsource maths teaching to India.

Pupils at Ashmount Primary in Islington who have fallen behind are given one-to-one tuition over the internet.

Pupils are given a headset and log on to a website where they interact with their tutor 4,000 miles away in India. The service, used by
11-year-olds, costs £12 an hour, compared with the £40 an hour a private tutor would cost in London.

I can just imagine.

Page loads

Followed by:

Page 1 for Algebra, Page 2 for Geometry, Page 3 for Arithmetic, Page 4 to text a maths adviser.

*Clicks on page 1*

Cue Message

Our staff are all busy at the moment, please hold on, we will connect you as soon as a Teacher becomes available.

Cue Lift music.

*Sound of keyboard being hurled across the room*


  1. I DO hope they're better than their help desks then!

    My other half nearly blew a gasket just know trying to talk to someone from a credit card company about unauthorised direct debits.

    He has a Cockney accent so the operator couldn't understand him and he couldn't communicate with her.

    She called her manager who warned my partner that the conversation was being recorded (he had lost his rag at this point).

    He said "Good, f*cking send me a copy cos nobody is going to believe the s*it I am having to go through!

  2. I just thought, it might be a "diverse" school. Perhaps the lessons are in Urdu or Gujarati?

  3. /Looks warily at link and clasps hands nervously.

    Please be Daily Mash. Please be Daily Mash.... oh... shit... it's.... real

    /head desk

    /head desk

    /head desk

    /head desk

    /head desk

  4. "Your click is very important to us etc....."

    Gets through to operator and....
    *in heavy asian accent*
    "Helooo. My name is John Smith..."

  5. I often found that when confonted with automated telephone systems, that if you wait for the last number to be anounced and then press the next number up, you will often be taken to a real person. Without the wait or the music.

  6. I have never thought of trying the next number. I have always reliedon the fact that there are still telephones that do not have buttons but dials, so, if you are prepared to listen to the options twice through and not press any buttons, you will often be put through to a real person as a reward.

  7. it is a diverse school; but the second most common home language after English is French, then Turkish.
    The most common asian home language, somewhere down the list is Bengali.

    If you want to know more about the place have a look at the website. A google search on Ashmount Primary School Islington will find it for you. The tutors by the way are all Qualified Teachers who are Maths graduates. They do not replace the Teachers in the classroom, they support them by providing one to one tuition.


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