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Sunday, 21 February 2016

That EU deal Dave?


  1. I don't think that is a real photograph!

    And by the look of that man's urine stream - consulting principles of Newtonian Fluid Dynamics and Inviscid Flow approximations - this man suffers with a hideously large urethra-constricting prostate and his subsequent flow rate is only partially mitigated by a rather large penis.

    Speaking of viscous fluid flow, you're an engineer, perhaps you can help me with a query I have.
    It has been my experience that men with very large 'members' seem to take forever to ejaculate. Presumably the physiology, process and mechanics are the same for all men; so why the delay? With a layman's mind, I thought maybe it was a distance thing, you know, like a giraffe throwing up.

  2. What EU deal? What special status? WTF?

    Biggest piece of smoke and mirrors that I've seen for a long time. And anyway it doesn't matter what the deal was if the European Parliament fails to ratify it.

    It's a farce,,,


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