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Wednesday, 17 February 2016



  1. That's all very well and good Mr. Optimistic, but when the oil is leaking just right and before the metal fatigue sets in, we have this


    1. I love the smell of napalm in the morning!

    2. SR, you are sooo negative. I muchly prefer this rendition of the flight of the Valkaries

    3. I am sure you do, but don't kid yourself, the probability that your saggy-arsed and slack-scrotumed whiteness would ever find itself 'In flagrante delicto' with any of those young white-strumpets-as-Valkyries seeking brave warriors to spirit to Valhalla is asymptotic to zero.
      And no mistake.
      On the upside, mon cher ami de mon cœur, after having time to absorb the true Feminism of that video travesty, I feel differently. I envision you now as a long nosed, elegantly coiffed Afghan opium merchant pawing through your leather bound library whilst disdainfully inhaling a puddle of Armagnac in an immense crystal snifter. AND if the occasion should demand, you could probably also lift your leg over your shoulder and lick your own balls..

      A man of many talents.

  2. SR: "any of those young white-strumpets-as"

    You contradict yourself, dear. Since these, are apparently 'strumpets', it's just a matter of price.

    As a 'long nosed Afghan' opium merchant, money is the least of my worries. One thing I know for sure, though. Strumpets love coke, so why I need to lick my own balls, although it's a proud boast I can, when for a line of coke and the right price I can get a strumpet to do it for me, is a mystery.
    Woof woof!

  3. "'s just a matter of price...."
    A veiled Churchillism!
    I like you all the more now.

    1. "I like you all the more now."

      Welcome to my flock.


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