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Friday, 18 December 2015



  1. You forgot other inanely inane inanities like:

    "If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate"


    "There are 10 types of people in the world, those who understand binary and those who do not."

    And your fourth inanity is fucking stupid. Everyone knows you can't win an argument with a white woman using nowt but words(1); fists are needed.

    (1) Unless of course they are very young white females- pre- and peri-pubesent - to be exact. At this age, simple statements like, "You're fat!" or "You're ugly! or even, "Why can't you be more like your sister/friend/cousin/total stranger?" are powerful verbal cudgels. If delivered at the right moment during an argument these quips will put you in the winners circle - hands down! And I mean for y'all to understand my use of the idiomatic phrase 'hands down' in at least two different ways
    1) Victory is a sure thing
    2) No need for fists.
    I feel I have to explain ALL my subtleties 'cause I am not convinced anyone reading this has the necessary reading comprehension skills and knowledge base required to fully appreciate the genius che ist moi!

    As of today, and for the next 47 days, The Tutor and his sister will be the same age. I think they are called "Irish Twins" I think that phrase is racist, but I'm not sure.

  2. Sterculian Rhetoric: " with a white woman"

    [sharp intake of breath] Bad girl! You bein' racist.

    1. Not true!
      Some of my best friends are white women. Why the very woman whom I trust to attend to my depilatory needs is as white as the driven snow.
      I can see how my comment could have been misread though. I should have said,

      "....with any woman of indeterminate race who is enslaved by the Patriarchy ...."

      [Slow, measured exhalation of breath] My thesis is otherwise acceptable to you is it?

      Did you know that the Caucasoid genome is 2% Neanderthal? And the Mongoloid genome is 1%. The Negroid genome is free of Neanderthal infestation.
      So much for Herr Hitler's Übermensch.

    2. Sterculian Rhetoric: "Some of my best friends are white women."

      Ah! the old, 'some of my best friends are black/women/gay/Zzzz', ploy.

      "Why the very woman whom I trust to attend to my depilatory needs is as white "

      Maybe it's just difficult to find an individual of another race that's competent at pullin' whiskers? innit.

      It must be that 2% Neanderthal component.

      First ISIS, now " Herr Hitler's ", You've got quite the 'hots' for those fascists, doncha?

    3. A) You don't do irony and satire, do you APL?

      B) It's who's competent, not that's competent.

      C) I don't have whiskers. The hirsute area in question is of a delicate nature.

      D) In comparison to my politics, The Caliphate and Herr Hitler are Left-Wing Doers-of-good and The 'Scourge of god' is comparable to Theresa of Calcutta.
      I reckon the closest approximation would be Temujin, The Great Kh'an

  3. SR: "It's who's competent, not that's competent."

    Words, dear girl, mean just exactly what I want them to mean, nothing more, nothing less.

    SR: "You don't do irony and satire, do you APL?"

    Neither, apparently, do you.

    SR: "The Caliphate and Herr Hitler are Left-Wing Doers-of-good "

    The first almost correct thing you've scribbled.

  4. All mimsy were þe borogoves indeed, Mr. APL.
    I adore Mr Dodgson!
    I do not adore him for anything he wrote - that's nowt but literary nonsense, but because he is arguably the world's first paedophile to use the new invention of photography. He took many hundreds of photographs of young girls in sexually suggestive poses. The eponymous 'Alice' Liddell among the models.

    Oh, and I love the thorn too þ


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