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Thursday, 17 December 2015

Confessions of a Greenpeace Dropout - Dr Patrick Moore

Just thought you might like a half hour vid exposing Greenpeace's hypocrisy.


  1. Well you're fucking wrong!
    That is the last thing I want.

    Here's a little ditty exposing this hypocrisy in as long as it takes you to read it.
    The Tutor 'Interviewed' with them three decades ago when he was a young and idealistic psychopath. He was offered a salary of $80,000 CDN per anum and a Rainbow-Warrior-load's worth of perquisites. 80G ain't much now, but when Madonna was still Like A Virgin, Dire Straits were getting Money For Nothing and George Michael wasn't woken up to discover he was Gay Gay, it was a lot of ducats!
    The Tutor declined, in principle. Greenpeace had just apologized to Canada's Indigenous peoples of the north (Inuit) for totally destroying their culture and way of life by demonizing the Seal Hunt. Countless thousands of Inuit died as a result of alcohol and neglect. The Tutor thought the apology made them look weak and hypocritical and he would not want to work for such a concern.

    1. Glad to see you're as happy as always. Looking forward to Christmas I hope.

    2. I'm not sure they should have apologised. Their culture involved kayaks and harpoons or spears. This became modernised to motor boats and rifles. Seals had no chance.

  2. T F E

    My father was a Muslim, so that makes me a Muslim; according to the tenets of Islam, so it seems. My mother was an Animist/Buddhist cross, so that makes me.....weird; according to the tenets of Caucasoid christendom. So to answer your question? I am indeed! With The Tutor away this winter in Lao PDR, the locals will be plying me with much good food and drink as they hope to separate me from my knickers as visions of Asian flesh dance in their heads.

    I hope you and yours fare well this festive season?


    ".......Seals had no chance......"

    This Ain't No Party...
    This Ain't No Disco...
    This Ain't No Foolin' Around.
    Nature is red of tooth and claw. Since when was it necessary to give prey a 'sporting chance'. Or the entire species and/or planet for that matter.
    Librul arse!
    Why would a hunter eschew a better method to put food on the table because it is too efficient and therefore appears not to be 'sporting'?
    "Sorry wife and children, I could have brought home enough finch and chimps tonight for all of us to eat, but I used the old fashioned method of capture because the new method is just not fair to the prey. Little Timmy can go without."

    It's like the question I ask Greenpeace folks(1) when they come to the door soliciting money, "How many whales would you kill to save your children?" Unfair question? Not for the Japanese, Norwegian and Faroe Island whalers it isn't. The only acceptable answer to that question, by the way, is. "All of them!"

    (1) If it is Mormons or JWs proselytizing at the door, I ask, "As jesus is both man and god, and presumably an anatomically correct male, do you think he masturbated?"

    1. Before some cunt comes in to correct me in an error of fact, I'll do so myself.

      If it is the LDS folks at the door, I will ask, "As jesus is both man and god, and ......."

      If it is the JWs instead, I'll ask, "As jesus is both man and a god, and ......."
      The inclusion of the indefinite article is necessary because according to the Watchtower folks and their 'New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures', jesus is not 'the' god, but only'a' god.

      John 1:1
      In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God

      In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was a god.

      The Tutor once invited a pair of JW's into his living room and kept them captive for four hours while he taught them just enough Greek so they could see for themselves how the Watchtower Society had mistranslated John 1:1. As this mistranslation is one of the central tenets of the JW faith, the poor pair were very confused when they left and called the police. The Tutor was charged with Forceable Confinement, but the case was laughed out of court.


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