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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Public health

There’s a good article over on Dick Puddlecote’s  blog about those killjoys at Public health.

Here is one paragraph that the health zealots think of us, the great unwashed public.

“Lifestyle” is a loaded term that reinforces stereotypes about individuals and a world view that people are majorly or entirely responsible for their own health. Indeed surely the term “death style” would be better because the logical implication is that most individuals in our society are consciously choosing to lead unhealthy lives. Using such a term ignores the many and varied influences on health; the implicit assumption is that all is solved by developing an individual’s rational health decision making capacity.

Go and read Dick’s post. He makes the counter argument better than I ever could.


  1. Samizdata on a similar theme;

  2. Thats a classic bullshit post from dick.

    What about these words phrases Dick?

    smoking kills

    Dickie always opts for antismokers and not antismoking, its nothing to with health and avoids addiction/smoking kills

    Lifestyle choice is a lovely wishy washy phrase used by smokerloons to enhance the fantasy of a conspiracy of lies about the dangers of smoking and therefore quit smoking advice has nothing to do with health but an attack on a hobby for no good reason.

    Hey Dick...enjoy your vaping festival?.....there never was a smoking festival was there? hid and did fuck all!..well not only you but all the rest of the smoking bloggers

    Vapers know how to lobby and be identifed,,,,,lol, ....carry on hiding Dickie.

    Keep on trawling tinternet looking for quotes about smoking which you can bastardise a decade later least you are spending hours and hours of your free time for years with no results whatsoever.


    1. What about these words/phrases Dickie?

      Fuck off
      Get cancer

  3. This is the biggest lie Smokerloons trot out all the time.

    "Vapers -you should have stood with us in our battles"

    Fuck of you loons never had a battle, there was nothing of any substance ever to stand behind.

    Tis the problem with bedroom warriors in hiding generating phrases and misleading false shite...they never have to defend anything they publish in the media.....the likes of Simon Clark will never utter one word of it in the media either.

    Dick puudlecote/Frank Davis shit out conspiracy, denial......Simon Clark keeps his gob shut.

    At least the worldwide view on smoking is untited, all voices sing the same tune, all are identifiable.

    What about smokerloons?... in fucking hiding all got a different slant on denial and conspiracy with the official voices for smokers never ever uttering one word if it.



    1. Go boil your head Rickie. You're starting to be annoying with your puerile comments.grow up and be a man. If you dare.

    2. You started the thread about smoking!

      I gave my response to "lifestyle" and why loons like puddlecote prefer it to "addiction"

      Infact in the real world smokers know smoking is dangerous and its an addiction and not a fucking lifestyle choice like collecting horse brasses is.


  4. Smoking is bad for you? Shurely not!!!

    Frankly I'm sick of the arguments over smoking and drinking. It's your life. You're a grown up (well, supposedly anyway!) so it's your choice. You know the risks. I don't smoke any more and I don't go into smokey places because it's my choice. I quaff a lot of wine because I enjoy it. Yes, I know it's bad for me but I enjoy it. Don't like me doing it? Well, sod off!

    I'm sick sick sick of people telling me not to smoke or drink or eat Big Macs. It's my life and my choice. The insurance companies charge me more for death insurance and that's fair enough, but they also give me bigger annuities 'cos they think I'll die early.

    I intend to eat, drink and be merry and outlive the bastards!!

    Is smoking addictive? Of course it is. So is booze. But then so is eating, sex and attacking know it all bastards who tell me how to live my life. I can live with the latter...

  5. You have to larf.....the loons on Puddlecotes blog are moaning why their reponses are not being shown. on the link.

    Loons.....have you ever thought why puddlecote never gets an opposing view on his blog!!!.......he hasn't the bollocks to debate on smoking issues so he censors and deletes.

    so much for his freedoms shite.


  6. Dear Mr Lowe

    Makes one wonder what we are to be allowed to die from. Boredom, perhaps? Or are we to be forced to live forever?



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