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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Blatant disregard for the law.

Some months ago my aged mother in law was phoned by a distant selling company who persuaded her to purchase from them, some quack herbal remedy. At the time my MIL was registered with the Telephone preference service.(TPS).

So on her behalf I complained to the TPS, cancelled the order, asked for her money back, and returned the dispatched goods with a strongly worded letter.

I might as well have beaten my head against a brick wall.

Today they rang her again and persuaded her to buy another useless product.

So here we go again.


  1. Consider the prevention of harassment act. Write to the company if it has a UK address, by recorded delivery. Explain why you consider their actions harassment and add (don't threaten under any circumstances) that any further communication either to your mother or you, unless it is to apologise and refund any monies paid, will be reported to the Police. I did this some years ago on behalf of my late mother in law and added that as any further action would be with the assumed knowledge and permission of the CEO, then that person would be the one given the harassment warning. I received a letter from the (alleged) PA to the CEO apologising, monies refunded and a huge bunch of flowers for the mother in law.

  2. Thanks for sharing that suggestion, Penseivat.

  3. Some years ago, my wife was harangued by a double-glazing windows salesman, and, just to make him shut up, gave our address.She was literally stalked for the next week by people knocking on the damn door, stating that they had permission to measure up for new windows.

    As I was working away from home, I only found out about this harrassment upon arriving back home. I promptly got on the phone to some cess-pit south of Leeds, and informed the manager that the next clown from his company who knocked on my door would have his arm broken as a start, with more to follow.
    Strangely enough, the visitors, the calls and the disguised threats finished immediately.


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