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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Vote Green and get this.

Green Party Deputy Leader - Shahrar Ali

Dr Shahrar Ali was elected deputy leader of the Green Party in September 2014, becoming in the process the first BME deputy of a UK parliamentary party. He entered green politics after working as a researcher in the European Parliament on the risk of GM foods. Shahrar has a PhD in philosophy, in which he tackled the morality of lying and deception, with special attention to public life. He is editor of Why Vote Green 2015 and is standing for Brent Central at the next general election. - See more at:

The religion of peace anyone?


  1. Nice little bastard isn't he?

  2. What a horrible man. And yet these are the sort who will get into office and eventually bring down the nations in Europe, UK and the Americas, destroying them all. Disgusting, no different than the Nazi hatred for the Jews pre-WWII, obsessed with it and with total hatred of all things Western, Christian, Jewish or opinions, lifestyles, belief systems different than their own. This is surely how world wars begin, this sort of venomous obsessive hatred loosened into the world.

  3. Well he certainly convinced me. Not that I was going to vote green anyway.

  4. What a vile monster

  5. Anon above mentioned how world wars begin, this Sharar chappie is the sort to start a PROPER world war. In fact it's already under way, no one has told us though.


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