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Thursday, 16 April 2015

The shame.

I’ve just spent nearly an hour on the phone with my son.

The usual pleasantries exchanged the subject changed to politics of the forthcoming election. After a short period he came out with some shocking revelations.

IN THE LAST ELECTION HE VOTED LIBDUMB! Almost as bad is his choice of newspaper. That bloody left wing rag, The Guardian.

.And I thought I’d brought him up with respectable values.

I have failed.

Actually not quite.

In fact he only voted for the Libdem candidate as his constituency is hard labour and he knew that voting conservative was a waste of time.

The reason why he reads the groan is for the amusement factor when reading online comments by those of a lefty, ignorant of real life, hard done by, guardian reading twats.

I’ve persuaded him to vote UKIP, and to read the Daily Mail.

If I can persuade my son, should I stand for parliament?


  1. You can't be a worse MP that the twats we've already got! I thought of standing, but the deposit is enormous and I live in a Tory save seat. I considered standing for UKIP but their vetting process costs a fortune and you still have to fund a deposit, so fuck it!

  2. What did the poor sod do so bad that you suggest he subjects himself to the hell of daily mail tory propaganda machine.

    Having just watched the Biased Broadcasting Company's latest debate, UKIP is the only party not already spending the fruit of the next twenty years from the Croydon money trees, how my Mrs didn't brick the telly i'm buggered if i know, she had to leave the room or explode.


  3. UK Smokerloony hiding idiot twat extremists shortened to UK (S.H.I.T.E)would be an appropiate name if you stand Filthy, oh and make sure your son finds out if the UKIP man is anti health advice, a full swivel eyed loon in denial would be ideal.


  4. I got some UKIP election literature today. I could not disagree with anything therein. Some of the proposals may be unworkable, but has that inconvenience ever prevented parties publishing their wish lists? UKIP deserve to do well but will find the racist tag hard to overcome. Some of the rhetoric has been little short of slander, and has gone without correction from the allegedly impartial-to-it's-genes BBC. Which has often joined in the attacks. In spite of all that I can see UKIP gaining enough seats to be a serious player in negotiations should we get another coagulation.

  5. We're looking for a constituency for you now.


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