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Thursday, 26 February 2015

People I used to work with.

Some of them anyway.


  1. Why aren't they shooting stuff- that would be cool. Wot no boats full of 'asylum seekers' to sink.

  2. Great choice of song, although some of the crew are clearly bigger Journey fans than others... I'm surprised it hasn't been removed due to a copyright claim - I've downloaded my copy anyway!

    Tell us more about the split hulled vessel - it must exhibit some very interesting flexing during rough seas?

  3. A N Other Filthy Engineer27 February 2015 at 16:56

    Here's a link to the first RFA lipsynching video
    If anything I think it is the better one. There was some copyright bother and the soundtrack was removed but it's back on now.
    As for the ships hull, I am working on the sister ship at the moment. It isn't actually completely split like a catamaran but there is a dock at the stern used for deploying landing craft etc. When the dock is in use the hydraulically operated stern door/loading ramp is opened ship is ballasted to sink the stern down, allowing the dock to flood so landing craft can enter and ferry troops ashore with their vehicles. These ships roll like bastards in the slightest sea but I have never noticed any particularly bad flexing. However I have seen joints in the firemain pipework open up and leak when the ship is docked down at the stern causing the back end of the ship to sag and bend the hull slightly.


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