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Wednesday, 24 December 2014

It was the night before Christmas............

Happy Christmas everyone.

Even Rickey


  1. Felicitations to FE & his readers/commenters.

  2. Have a Merry Christmas as well, Nik.

  3. Wonderful your writing.:) I love you very much.I want to wishes Happy Christmas.It's been twenty years since The Nightmare Before Christmas was released and ten years since I first saw it. I recall seeing the trailers before a portion of the Disney VHS tapes I possessed as a child and that is the manner by which I got to be interested in it. I recall my mother taking my sister and I to the feature store to lease it. I recall loving the film the first occasion when I saw it however I will concede, it did creep me out a bit. As the years passed by and the more times I saw this motion picture, the more I developed to appreciate it. Presently, The Nightmare Before Christmas is not just one of my most loved movies to watch on the occasions, its one of my most loved movies ever. Happy X-Mass!

  4. Hello, very interesting your blog writing.I appreciate very much. Recently ,On this Christmas occasion I gift the poem books, "The Night Before Christmas" all my friend.On this book is a very special.
    Happy X-Mass!


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