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Thursday, 13 November 2014

Musical interlude with a touch of climate change.

Actually the earth hasn’t warmed for 18 years now. (Admitted reluctantly by the UK Met Office)


  1. The Climate change bandwaggon is like any other. A safe lifetime job and loads of money and perks. Why work for a living if you can lie and cheat to get the cash.

  2. Anon, if you haven't already done so, you'd enjoy reading Crighton's "State Of Fear." Before reading that I'd simply assumed (despite the fact that my background in researching the Antismokers should have taught me better) that there was no reason for anyone to be pushing a global warming theory unless it was real, and that anyone opposed to them were probably connected to Big Oil etc. Crichton's respectability, lack of any clear corrupting motivation, and skill in presenting data and arguments within the framework of an intriguing and very enjoyable novel was GENIUS!


    I just wish he'd stayed on earth for a few years longer to write one about the Antismokers.

    - MJM


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