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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Will they apologise for……

The arrest of Mr and Mrs King? Having read week by week, more than enough scandals ignored by those in high places, I doubt it.
The fact is the CPS have realised that they made a stupid decision with the European arrest warrant for the Knights and have seen sense and withdrawn it.
I’ll be interested if anything I wished for in my last post will be forthcoming. (I’ll bet we’ll here from the Prime Moron though).
I sincerely hope that the authorities will stump up the money and send the child to have proton beam therapy in a country of the parents’ choice. They owe the family that.


  1. The name is King FE, not Knight.

  2. The EAW first appeared when we were required to arrest General Pinochet. A man who ought to be listed along with Reagan and Thatcher as those who brought about the collapse of the USSR. Sadly, that collapse did not have a Pinochet to make sure it went our way. As for the freedoms we ought to enjoy; forget it. The EUSSR has arrived, enjoy your future, children, this is what you wished for.


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