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Monday 1 September 2014

I haven’t seen him pontificating on this yet.

I’m referring to last nights post and the lack of any sign of our prime monster yet.

I’ll bet he will be seen tomorrow. However,sorry Dave, you’re too late to come to that party, and expect that you’ll be welcome.

If this prime minister wanted to win the next general election this is what I’d do in his shoes.

1. Firstly apologise to the family for the dire failing of the system of justice in this case.

2. Contact the Police authority who asked for the arrest warrant and publically sack the person involved.

3. Sack the head of social services in Southampton. Suggest that if he or she doesn’t go quietly then he or she will be arrested for unlawful imprisonment. (This would release a sizeable chunk of money for para 6).

4. Immediately suspend the district judge who signed the EAW until a full investigation of cases he or she has adjudicated on in the last ten years.

5. Immediately ask the Spanish authorities to release the father and mother and reunite them with their son.

6. Release £100,000 to the family in order that they can seek proton therapy for the boy.

I bet you that he is on the news tomorrow mouthing platitudes on the subject such as “It’s the right thing to do” and “lessons will be learnt”.



  1. Hope you're not holding your breath...

  2. Public sacking might play well to the cameras, but the same approach with Sharon Shoesmith cost the poor put-upon taxpayer a lot of very undeserved compensation payout for lack of due process.

    Can't disagree with the sentiment, though.

  3. Sack her, without payment. No compensation. That or prison, give her a choice. No cost to taxpayers.

  4. No, Shoesmith made a deal with the council she was fired from, it was not money legally awarded to her.

    Instead it was the Lefties using our money to look after one of their own who needed sacking.

    And while they are allowed that power to agree financial settlements you can be sure that the scum highly placed in councils such as Rotherham have no fear of being fired for their evil.
    What is needed are criminal investigations into
    - deliberate malfeasance in public office
    - aiding & abetting
    - destruction of evidence & attempting to pervert the course of justice.
    Investigate all three, get them under one, and demand a custodial sentence.
    THEN fire them & find a way to remove their pension - malfeasance probably.


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