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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

The man in the moon lives!

An eagle-eyed person has spotted what looks like the a human on the surface of the moon.

Using the Google Moon programme (like Google Earth but mapping out the moon instead, unsurprisingly), they stumbled across a dark outline that looks suspiciously like a man stood among the grey craters.

Now, we are aware there are probably a thousand things this could be other than a man having a stroll on the moon, but it really does look like a human – it even has a shadow.

reproduced from the METRO


  1. Good place to dump illegal immigrants.

  2. The whole thing looks like a shadow. What took the images?

    Anyway, never mind that. Is the space junk left by the Apollo missions up there? That could put some conspiracy theories to bed.

  3. Shit! Elvis really is alive! Where's the bus?

    1. Wasn't it a WW2 bomber? I thought the bus was found at the North Pole?

      That said, he definitely has a bit of an Elvis stance, like he's going to break into a rendition of 'Blue Suede Shoes' or something.

  4. By my calculations, that shadow is well over 500 feet long so he must be a big lad? Maybe the lower gravity helps.

  5. Its a natural feature, an unusual one going by the topography of the area, but I suspect its a gorge of some kind.
    Similar to a Limestone cavern collapsing on Earth.


  6. The small bumps below the feet of the alleged figure have shadows which allow you to interpret the image better. The head and torso are shadowed indentations on a shallow rise, the remainder you can see for yourselves. Bear in mind that what appears to be the figure's shadow is 90 degrees separated from those of the bumps mentioned above. Not Elvis, could it be Lucan, still on the run?


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