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Sunday, 29 June 2014

I could tell I was back in the UK when…….


As I was exiting the airport terminal into the open air, and commencing to light up a ciggie,  an officious prick in uniform passing in the opposite direction  through the entrance way tells me in a loud voice, “No smoking in the terminal”. FFS

It really goes to show what a rigid, almost police state we seem to have become.

It was an absolute joy being on Crete for two weeks. No petty officialdom anywhere in sight. Smoking is hardly restricted at all. The average grecian is not the slightest bit bothered whether someone smokes or not. Ash trays are on the tables in tavernas and if you stub out a cigarette in one it will very shortly be replaced with a clean one.

I suppose I shouldn’t complain as I’ve just found out that the identical house to me, next door, is being solid for £150k more than I thought the houses were worth.

Maybe I’ll sell up and move to Greece.


  1. Have a look at Taking Liberties and Simon Clark (forest) and his BBC interview where he accepts that 1 in 2 will die from smoking, this is where the pro smoking lobby full of deniers will fail, nobody will cast any doubt in public where they are identifiable that the dangers of smoking are exactly as the ASH/BMA world medical opinion states.

    Its a fucking joke that anonymous bloggers in hiding bleat on about the lies from ASH/BMA yet their spokesman will not utter one word of that denial on live T.V.

    Not only will anonymous bloggers remain in hiding leaving it up to their only spokesman, there virtually is no-one else who speaks for smokers and he does it as a non smoker who is gets paid to be a lobbyist, cowards in hiding bloggers once again as usual will not confront him on his blog about his total acceptance yet again of the dangers of smoking.

    Simon clark agrees future generations should not smoke, he agrees with the dangers of smoking, he fucking well always agrees with the policy and principles of ASH/BMA but wishes they would do it another way....its always yes yes yes, nod, nod , nod......but he whines just do it some other way please.

    1. Rickie: "Have a look at Taking Liberties and Simon Clark (forest) and his BBC interview where he accepts that 1 in 2 will die from smoking.. "

      I got news for you bud. 100% of non smokers will die too.

  2. Rickie sod off you boring old fart and get a life. What's it got to do with you that someone likes a smoke and a pint?

  3. I had a week away in Samos and knew I'd returned to the UK when we were greeted by the black shirted passport control border force automatons who don't even look at you or acknowledge your presence. It might be a boring job but on the Greek side they at least smile and say 'thank you'!


  4. You should've asked the wanna-be plod to define "in the terminal".


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