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Saturday, 14 June 2014

first day of my incarceration

Today saw myself enjoying a full day on sunny Crete. After a late rise at half past eight, having made a cup of tea, I availed myself of one of the many sun loungers by the pool. After a short time I had built up my empire to comprise a table, ash tray, cigarettes, tea, and my trusty kindle.

Absolute bliss. This is the way holidays should be. No pressure and no urgent commitments. In fact as little planning as possible.

At about twelve noon it was decided that a trip into the village was required for lunch, and more importantly, beer. This objective was achieved without any fuss and eventually we staggered back to the villa. A happy satisfied band.

We've since been out for a meal and are finally rounding out the day with some large whiskys at the villa's  poolside bar.


  1. Sounds hell. Don't forget, only drink 2.5 units of alcohol and don't inhale.

  2. Love Greece. If I don't go regularly then I get withdrawal. It's getting more difficult to fond a spot that's not been spoilt tho' by concreting it over.

    Enjoy yourself.

  3. At work postcards were banned as being sadistic. You sod.

    Oh, alright, enjoy.

  4. How are the Cretins down there?


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