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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Beer and the budget

Much has made of the fact that the chancellor has cut beer duty by a penny per pint.

FFS. Around my way a pint is around £3.20. A penny means bugger all.

Why do they bother with these meaningless gestures?

Now if it had been £1, then I would celebrate. Meanwhile the pubs will have to do without my custom.


  1. "Why do they bother with these meaningless gestures?"

    So that in 3 month's time, Georgie Boy can remind everyone he "reduced beer duty"; and, everyone will have forgotten by how little.

  2. my pub just put its prices up last week by 10p a pint. Think they will reduce it by 1p ? No chance !

  3. its 1% i believe so 3.2p but anyway, may help your local stay in bussiness because it wont be passed on but will maybe allow them to make a profit.

  4. ts 1% i believe"
    But surely anonymous, it's 1% of the existing duty, not of the whole price?

  5. Drink meths - it's cheaper....but make sure you get a cold one!

  6. Stuff Boy George and what he says I MUST give to him.
    A group of like-minded smoker/drinkers in my village (I'm one of them as is She Who Must Be Obeyed, although she's a non-smoker)have got together in a Smokey-Drinky group. We have a place which is more than adequate accommodation for our needs. I'm one of a number who now grow their own tobacco, others in the group are into home brewing and some already make very passable wine.
    We reckon that between us all we'll be self-sufficient in tobacco and booze in a couple of years time.
    It will take time. We've had some terrible failures with tobacco, but we've also had two great successes; it is from them that we have all learned. The beer is the same. The success that one brewer had is now the template for the others.
    We are all of us, drinkers and non-drinkers, smokers and non-smokers alike, looking forward to when we can have a damned good evening together without paying the government a single penny for the pleasure.
    Oh, we have in our midst one skilled in the arcane Legal arts who ensures that we traduce not one of the multitudinous 'laws' which 'govern' our simple pleasures.
    So, stuff you George, and everyone else in your House of Shame.


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