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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Smoking Bloggers


If you smoke and are fed up with the lies and false statistics made up by the fanatics who inhabit the Tobacco Control Industry, there is help at hand. Tobacco Control have set up a Wiki called Tobacco Tactics. To that end a counter Wiki has been set up to refute the badly researched propaganda that is prevalent in the tobacco control Wiki.

I give you:

The Tobacco Control Tactics Wiki.

I would like to point out to my non smoking readers that the template used by Tobacco control is being eagerly viewed by other prohibitionists to enhance their particular goals.

Alcohol (Minimum pricing, graphic labels)

Like a fried breakfast (Sorry it’ll be a Tofu sandwich for you).

Salt. (How dare you like to add taste to your food. Not withstanding that you need a balanced salt diet to live).

They’re all in the firing line now. You have been warned. You never stuck up for the smokers so you’re on your own now.


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  2. Just found the EU connection -

  3. On the topic of Salt, this site contains very useful information.

    Just like the AGW or Geocentrism, don't always believe that just because 90% of scientists allegedly believe in something that it is actually true.

  4. Both interesting sites.

    I know the dangers of too little salt. Having worked in ships' engine rooms in the tropics, I have suffered from the effects at times. Cramps, nausea, headache, extreme weakness, and eventually collapse, and possibly leading to death.

  5. An article on the BBC news website tells us that reducing salt 'would cut cancer'.

    I was amused that the organisation campaigning about this is called Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH) - I wonder what they want (apart from telling other people what to do).

  6. On the topic of salt. I've lived in some hot dry climates and never ever took bottles of water around like people do in this wet country. I never got dehydrated. What I did drink occasionally was a salty milky drink call Doogh, which was very refreshing.


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