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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The Myth of Second Hand Smoke

narrative from a surgeon.

The Surgeon General also stated that 49,000 deaths per year were caused by second hand smoke. As a surgeon, I was stunned, because I had never seen an autopsy report listing second hand smoke as the cause of death. Nor had I seen this as a secondary cause of death. So I asked six pathologists if they had ever listed second hand smoke as a cause of death – not one had. In my years of clinical practice, I have seen patients die from many devastating diseases, and yet I have never seen anyone who has been disabled by, or has died as a result of, second hand smoke. This was my first clue that perhaps there was more hyperbole than science involved in the reports issuing from the Surgeon General’s Office. To give a contrast: 33,000 people die per year of pancreatic cancer – all of the pathologists have listed pancreatic cancer as a cause of death.

And he continues.

If second hand smoke exposure is a significant risk factor for developing lung cancer, then we should expect to see increased numbers of cancer cases in non-smokers who are exposed to regular doses of second hand smoke. Has there been an increase in the incidence of lung cancer among non-smokers over the last 40 years? The answer is quite simply… No. 

Why is it that our health minister never gets to see articles like this? Instead they get fed a diet of obfuscation from the tobacco control industry, with words like maybe, could, it is thought, etc.

Personally, I think that the average minister in Government and their sycophantic senior civil servants are as thick as pig shit. No wonder no-one votes anymore. how many  MPs have held down a real job before

Would it not be more fitting if a government minister had some relevant experience to his job. Take our so called health minister.

Born in Hornchurch, Essex, Lansley was educated at Brentwood School and the University of Exeter, gaining a BA in politics. During his time at Exeter University, Lansley was elected as President of the Guild of Students (Student Union), as a Broad Left candidate.

It’s interesting in the above paragraph that he was a “Broad Left” candidate. we all know how the left love control.

In short, would it not be a prerequisite that ministers have to be qualified in a discipline to match their brief?

the Prime Minister must have run a multi million company.

The chancellor of the exchequer must have operated in the financial markets.

The Minister of defence must have actually served in the armed forces

The Minister for overseas aid should have been an ambassador to some shithole of a country.

Bye now I hope you’ve got the gist of my argument.

It all boils down to the fact the country is being run by people that are completely out of their depth. And it’s not going to get better in the short, medium, or long term.

You and me are screwed.


  1. "In short, would it not be a prerequisite that ministers have to be qualified in a discipline to match their brief?"

    Sadly that doesn't work either. Our "Health" Minister is a doctor who seems to be more interested in a lavish lifestyle than in the health of the nation. It looks like we may beat you lot to the post in the race to ban smoking in cars, by the way. We may turn out to be a little more lenient though on obesity, or at least until our Glorious Minister has shed a few stone.

  2. So why do we need any of theose people who are as thick as pig shit?
    We don't.

    To my mind the only possible need for a tiny tiny government is to defend the land from an invasion from without. That's it.

    Every other facet of even the leanest current government is simply not required by the people of these islands or anywhere else on this planet.

    However until such times as people stop being so terrified of change or indeed terrified of taking control of their lives then enough of them will vote for the thick actors in Westminster who are simply front men for the eu project.

  3. XX Why is it that our health minister never gets to see articles like this? XX

    Because you only get what you pay for.

    Or am I being cynical again?

  4. Do you remember the Health Minister in John Majors government? Virginia Bottomley.

    Apparently she had been a nurse, but was a rubbish Minister. Also a rubbish constituency MP, rather in the same vein (vain?!) as the seats successor, one Jeremy Hunt.

  5. Interesting find that Lansley was of the left. Figures.

  6. Politics have no experience whatsoever (apart from leeching) it's like somebody got driver's job without driver's licence…


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