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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Day two of his incarceration.


The young man enters the room followed by the grizzled old man and Miss P, and looks at where he will be confined.

The austere, cream covered walls are lined, high up at one end’ with a plethora of electrical sockets and various unknown equipment. Taking up most of the room is an iron bedstead made up with well used linen. Bearing in mind the reason for his incarceration there is an on suite bathroom suitable for disabled access, although the young man is not disabled, just weak from what he has had to deprive himself of in the last few weeks.

within minutes a middle aged woman enters the room and sets out various terms and conditions for the young man and his two companions. The young man is warned that he will be incarcerated for an indeterminate period and will only be allowed out of the facility when he is no longer a danger to the general public. His two companions are informed that during visiting hours they will be limited to 30 minutes only, and no longer. Thus ends day two.

Question time for my regular readers;

Q1: who is the young man?

Q2: Who is the grizzled old man/

Q3: Who is the mysterious miss P?

Q4: Why the reason for the incarceration?

to be continued……………

One man knows, and his name is Dave Wheeler.

*That will really confuse you*


  1. Son, you, daughter, radiographer, isotope treatment (been there, done that - successfully too)

  2. Close Ed.

    1. Correct. My son.
    2. Correct. Me the father.
    3. Wrong. son's partner.
    4. Correct. 2nd radiotherapy treatment. hopefully the last.


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