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Friday, 2 March 2012

Toe to Toe with a sandal wearer

I couldn’t resist replying to asmugblog AGWer who decided to berate me for querying his belief. His rebuttal.
My house is powered by wind.  No rolling blackouts.. even in the cold winters of the northerly tar sands.
As an engineer, you will of course be able to provide an exact source for your statements.  Citation please?   (Didn't think so.  You guys never have anything.)
Also, as you know, the numbers will lead the way.  Right?  You're an engineer, so you don't go by hunches or use advertising to make decisions, right?
The numbers have always and consistently pointed to the injection of CO2 in our atmosphere as the leading cause of global warming.  There are no other numbers adding up to that.
On the plus side, at least we're at peak oil.  And 'yes', I will blame you.
Here's Hansen's ground breaking paper;
I replied:
So your house is powered purely by wind. In the UK we are now being inundated with onshore and offshore wind farms supposedly supplying 7% of our electricity needs. It was interesting to see in January when we had a very cold spell caused by a high pressure system how effective that wind power was. Bearing in mind that wind turbines rarely achieve more than than 30% of their rated output at best (Load factor), (Look it up yourself) The total amount of wind generated from figures published by DECC (Department of Energy and Climate Change) was a staggering 0.9%.
Since we have been forced to have green energy, my energy bill has increased by 18% in the last year. yes you did read that right 18%.
Not only such a pathetic figure of supply, but the British Taxpayer was also obligated to pay the wind turbine owners for the non supply of energy. We also had to feed back electricity to the non turning turbines in order to lubricate the gearboxes.
You might also like to see the stats for turbine failures. Our offshore wind turbines which were predicted to have a life of twenty years, are failing after eight. mainly due to poorly thought out monopile grout and scouring of the sea bed.
So you might think again about wind power.
And peak oil. Sorry, cheap oil yes, peak oil no.
I really should stop this trolling shouldn't I?


A reply:

It's funny how deniers so often add 1 + 1 and get 3. Let's not look at facts eh TFE? Like......errr, I dont know.....say the fact that our houses are now filled with more energy sucking appliances than ever?! That we leave on standy, or leave the heating/cooling on all day or night? Noooo, it couldn't be that, it's the big green monster....that, with your engineering degree and trained logic is the only explanation.
My reply:

Exscuse me for daring to argue. I have added no new equipment into my house. It's the green tariff that has put up my bills. I did state that it was a rise of One year. The green imposed charge is stated on my bill.
As for:
"Here are experts in the industry explaining that it is the costs of upgrading the transmission and distribution networks that are costing us more in power prices."
Of course it is. When you have intermittent energy supplies from green sources such as wind turbines then the control of such sources need very expensive forms of energy regulation. if you have one turbine with a generation frequency of 40 hz and another generating at 60 hz (wind speed dependant), then you will have to spend money to adjust the frequency of supply.
Please look up the practicalities.
And as for:
The only place that believes the "drill baby drill" philosphophy will lower petrol/gas prices is on denier and conservative blogs. Elsewhere in fact world and reality, the story is different

You obviously didn't bother to read the link. Do keep up.

I've been accused of not linking. I have now, An element of curtesy would be to at least read them before replying with a knee jerk reaction.


  1. Wicked you.

    Just ask him why it was warmer all those years ago.

    And ask him if extra heat is so detrimental, how come mankind has developed & thrived?

  2. JP.

    Mmmm. Good idea. I'll get my ducks in a row before he replies. (Bloody sandled Tofu muncher)

  3. the fake captain ranty troll has a nude erection

  4. The fake CR is nearly as obvious as the fake Gleick

  5. I call BS on the claim his house is entirely wind powered.

    I lived in Alberta for 10 years, and know many folks in Fort McMurray and the oilpatch. It's cold up there, and the combination of energy required for proper heating and the problem of turbines operating efficiently in cold temperatures makes my spidey sense tingle. And not in the good way.

    He should provide pictures of his wind rig. Seems only fair.

  6. Captain Haddock3 March 2012 at 10:13

    Oddly enough, my arse is wind powered too .. ;)

    Though I suspect I could actually power the house from the hot air these Tofu Jihadist wankers spout ..

  7. I have an 'acquaintance' who loudly and continually proclaims his green credentials ie claiming his house is entirely powered by wind and solar.

    I may have accidentally informed most of the county (when he wasn't there of course) about his enormous diesel bill (for his industrial scale generator) and heating oil (for his oil fired heating and cooking), Oh not forgetting the fact he drives a 5.o Litre Merc. Oops!

    He continues rhapsodising, whilst preening himself in public - not knowing that all the rest of us are not actually lauding his efforts. He's won the unofficial post of 'village idiot' three years in a row. Furking Hypocrite!


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