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Friday, 6 January 2012

She’s done it again

I suggest Diane Abbott gives up tweeting.

Diane Abbott was embroiled in another Twitter row today after accusing London's taxi drivers of driving past black customers………


"Dubious of black people claiming they've never experienced racism," she wrote from her iPhone on Tuesday. "Ever tried hailing a taxi I always wonder?"

I think she’s past her sell by date. Another big foot in a big mouth which will have the professionally offended up in arms again.


  1. I wonder whether she has considered that if she is ignored by taxi cabs, it might be nothing to do with race - it might be because they're worried she will break their suspension?

    I love the quote from the cabbies association, decrying all the old stereotypes about cabbies and then adding "guess who I 'ad in my cab a while back, then? Diane Abbott - nah, really...".

  2. I didn't think London cabs had a "Caution! Wide Load!" sign on the boot.

  3. There'll be a sign soon on all London cabs, "Is it 'cos I is black?"

  4. The professionally offended are all supporters of the party she wanted to lead. That's why she kept her job. Still I had great fun watching them squirm for a while.

  5. She and her type are more racist than the worst racist. Not only white people are racist. She is appalling in her hypocrisy over the private school thing and now this. What an advert for politicians in public office? She is certainly not shy using taxis which she charges us for. No problems for her obviously. No doubt the equally appalling BBC will pick her up when she is voted out of office.

  6. She's used her colour to get elected. I'm glad that she's getting hoisted with her own petard.

  7. I suggest she gives up breathing...


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