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Friday, 6 January 2012

Public service. Pah!

old lady

Last year Mrs FE contacted the Department of Work and Pensions as she was nearing the magic age of 60 (Sssshh. don’t let on that I told you this). She was duly issued with an ID number and a password to enable her to track her entitlements on line. All well and good. She managed to access her details and never thought anymore about it, till this week.

Mrs FE, now having passed 60 (Ssssshh, I tell you. Whisper), tried on Monday to log on to the website. Absolutely no luck.

Mrs FE decides that she would phone and find out why her access was refused. When she finally got through the exasperating menu system beloved by all these days (I lie), she was informed that it was the wrong number to call, and given another number. This happened to her four times. She was beginning to feel that she would end up speaking to the entire DWP. (I was annoyed as well, believe you me. I pay the phone bills).

Eventually she reached the right person. However what she was told next, left her speechless. Apparently when you reach the official retirement age, your access to your internet information is removed.

WTF. Do they think that at age 60 you’ve become senile immediately, dropped dead, or locked up in a mental institution?

I despair, I really do.


  1. We all know what happens to cattle when they become unproductive dont we.
    It normally involves a one way trip to the knackers yard or NHS hospital as they are more commonly known.

  2. I remember that I tried to contact them but there was a problem - I answered all their verification questions BUT it seems they use a 'credit' company that didn't recognise my info!!!!!
    I got my pension BUT who am I?

  3. A shed load of the government's IT work is done by a company called Xansa. This was originally set up by a group of professional women returning to work. It was called OSI but unfortunately this bcame known as 'Old Senile and Incontinent' so they changed the name.

    Why Xansa? Well apparently the MD had a car with the reg X4NSA.

    Words fail me...

    This raised a smile fom Mrs D who steadfastly refuses to use the internet. She gets me to do it instead!


  4. Oh Yeah - and I just turned 60 as well. Good to know that I can now get the prescrition meds I don't actually need free of chage but I have to wait for my bus pass (which would actually be useful) until I am 62.

  5. Mind you, I don't why I read your blog and blogroll it as you can't arsed to blogroll mine ;-(


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