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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

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This blog has mixture of the serious, fun, and the odd bit of titillation.

However it is the articles that I write in my fight against wind turbines and other Ecoloon fuckwittery that sees my stats soar. On the back of that, my conclusion is that there’s  a very large portion of the population, (Home and abroad) that are coming around to the fact that they are being conned. ( I’ve yet to have an adverse comment).

I truly believe that the green agenda is an evil by a small powerful  minority, that have an almost religious belief that is so deluded, that they make Islam seem benign. (If I don’t post tomorrow it’s because I’ve been arrested for a religious hate crime).

One of the sites in question is Campaign against Climate change. (They send me an Email every day warning me of evil denier articles)

Here is a small part of one of their posts.

The streets of London rang to the sound of chants for "Climate Justice" on the Global Day of Action for the climate on Saturday 3rd December.  Marchers had gathered at the North end of Blackfriars Bridge where they were joined by a group from Christian Ecology Link coming from a Prayer meeting at St Mary le Bowe, a group of Buddhists coming from a meditation session at the tate Modern  - and a substantial contingent coming via a 'Walk of Shame' through the City from a Climate 'teach in' at the Occupy camp at St Paul's.  Placards demanding 'climate Justice' and dispaying  '7%' as a way of expressing the inequity of business as usal on climate change  (see below) peppered the crowd as it moved slowly down embankment before turning right down Horseguards Avenue into Whitehall.

Says it all really.

Unfortunately we have a government that believes this quackery so maybe us climate realists are in for the long slog.

Maybe I should be posting on health instead? After all, I wrote this post in a haze of tobacco smoke and at least two three four units of alcohol.


  1. I heard a splendid podcast yesterday - don't ask me where, I haven't a clue. Anyway it was a highly erudite gentleman commenting that there is only justice and injustice. All these other "blank" justices - like social, climate etc - are merely sticking plasters for extreme agendas and totally meaningless.

    A bit like hyphenated Americans per Teddy Roosevelt. "There are Americans and non Americans and no such thing as a hyphenated American. The term is entirely divisive." Well that's a precis of what he said anyway.

    Back to the topic - I have no idea of what climate justice could possibly mean - justice by, with or for the climate? Just a rallying cry for the watermelons.

    Have another dram.

  2. "I have no idea of what climate justice could possibly mean"

    Don't ask me either.

  3. Climate Change is having serious consequences in Norfolk - they've had to buy some 4x4 fire engines...

  4. MD.
    I read that as well. Are they going to fit the engines with tracks to fight the fires on the peat marshes?

  5. Oh dear. The 4x4 fire engines Norfolk has just bought have greater fuel consumption so create more CO2 so increase Global Warming & therefore (according to the Met Office) cause more forest fires.

    This seems a self-perpetuating relationship.

    So NfN, then.

  6. At one time Audi claimed that the increased transmission losses with full time 4WD were more that compensated by the reduced drag of 4 tyres being driven, rather than 2 driving & 2 being pushed. I doubt this was ever true, and many hi-tech systems now remain in 2WD until slippage is detected. From my own experiences there is noticeable drag produced by a spinning propshaft and back axle, to the extent that I hardly use the brakes on my Panda. If only Steyr-Puch had fitted manual locking or free-wheeling hubs when they designed the conversion...

    It's annoying that the chosen vehicles appear to be German MAN units - you would think that specialist UK manufacturer Alexander-Dennis could have done the job? Hell, they could have taken the old Bedford based Green Godesses and stuck a new engine in them!


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