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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Costa Concordia and AIS

Reconstruction of the Costa Concordia Tragedy, Narration by John Konrad from on Vimeo.


  1. Jesus but that blokes commentary is too painful to listen to ..

    Meanwhile, George Michael has offered his sympathy & support to the Captain of Costa Concordia, saying ..

    "I'm often left abandoned and lying on my side with a badly damaged bottom and seamen inside me after a nights cruising" ... ;)

  2. "Jesus but that blokes commentary is too painful to listen to .."

    I couldn't agree more Captain! And what the hell was that continuous clunking in the background??

    I managed to stick it all the way through, just to hear his thoughts on what happened. BUT if you want to see the original without all the crap, go here:

    Basically the ship steamed directly at the island at 15.6 knots, and only turned right at the very last moment, failing to complete the manoeuvre before hitting the rock. It then slowed rapidly suggesting major propulsion failures. After virtually stopping it appears the bowthrusters were used to swing the ship through 180 degrees. I then seemed to drift back to land, before the arse end grounded on a sandbank, and the starboard side was holed on another rock...

  3. I do wonder how they powered the thrusters if they were blacked out though.

  4. Yes, that much was discussed on a thread somewhere (can't remember which one...)

    My thoughts are that the propulsion motors are lower down than the main engines, and consequently failed very soon after the collision, whilst the (or some of) the engines continued to function for a time. This is also assuming that the electrical distribution systems are high enough to have remained water free.

    With your greater knowledge of ships, does that make sense?

    One thing's for sure, the sudden turn to port couldn't have been due to dropping the anchor, as he claimed. The ship was hardly moving, and rather than rotating around the bow, the ship turned in its own length.

  5. It maybe that they have a generator up forward to power the thruster. It would save on cable.

  6. May be he delibrately ran her aground after she turned around, which may have resulted in a lot more lives being saved. Had she been in deep water she may have sunk with a larger loss to lives. Give him the benefit of the doubt.


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