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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Another smoker about to be jailed.

I think we all remember the case of the Publican, Nick Hogan who was jailed for allowing smoking in his pub. Well here is another member of the public who faces jail for smoking. The full details are over at Pat Nurse’s blog.

chris carter

Just £1250 will preserve his liberty. Go on visit pat’s blog and donate a quid or ten.


  1. Thanks for the link FE and the donation you have made.

    I will post updates as soon as they come in.

    Smokers are brilliant!

  2. I'll be interested how much we raise. I was truly amazed at how much we raised for Nick Hogan, and in so little time.

  3. Me too - we raised as much in a couple of weeks as ASH manages to raise from honest charitable donations in a year - and I think that comes from one benefactor.

    Phil Johnson says he will send me an update as soon as he knows what's gone in and I suppose that depends on when paypal update the account.

    Suffice to say as soon as I know how it's going I will update the blog :)


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