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Monday, 26 December 2011

Normality has nearly returned.

Most of the Scavengers family have left to return to their homes.As usual,  I completely buggered up the booze shopping before Christmas. I stocked up with a carefully drawn up list of alcohol that the visitors were known to drink. I got it wrong AGAIN.

It would seem that I’m now going to have to drink:

Two bottles of Morgan Spice rum.

Two bottles of Gin

Two bottles of Vodka.

and six bottles of red wine.

Think of me. The Horror.

wine (1) 

Mind you they never saw the single malts either.


  1. Erm vodka and Morgan's can come home with me!!

  2. Neice?

    Obviously spelling wosn't tort at yor skool.

  3. Check the wine and work on that first as it will have varying store dates. You can work your way up to the spirits.

  4. If yer struggling with the Rum, FE ..

    I can step in & help ..

    After all, that's what mates are for .. ;)

  5. If you're hiding the single malts, count me out. The rest is of little interest.

    I hid mine too. Now they're gone, I can get them out again.


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