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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Need a drink?

Have you ever been in a strange place and wanted a drink? Then here’s a handy website.

Just enter the post code.

H/t to Man Widdecombe


  1. It does'nt work over here in the EUSSR........ :-(

  2. No I'm afraid it's only set up for the UK.

  3. It suggested a pub in Yeovil almost 200 miles away!

  4. Well buy a train ticket then. It obviously points to the fact that you have crap pubs in your area!

  5. No, it can't find shit here, either. It also couldn't find shit in the Cirencester (my last base in UK) area.

    But then, since the smoking ban I guess it's hard pressed to find a good boozer anywhere...

  6. It's just telling me to "Wait the fuck up"...

    Come on, I'm thirsty!


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