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Thursday, 22 December 2011

I don’t believe it.

A Tesco store at the largest military base in Western Europe has provoked outrage after failing to sell the Military Wives’ number one single.

The shop at Catterick - one of the Army's oldest and biggest bases - claimed that it was too small to stock the hit charity song 'Wherever You Are’ – which is currently outselling the rest of the top 20 combined.

But the store DOES stock Little Mix’s single Cannonball.

Staff have now been ordered to quickly order copies after customers complained they could not get hold of it.

So says the Daily Mail.

Well you can listen to it here then.


H/T to Captain Haddock for pointing me to the article.


  1. I've just nominated Tesco for an ISAC award, over at ..

  2. Tesco in Catterick was recently extended and is now far larger than the one in my town. Other than small co-op shops there are no main supermarkets within an 18 mile radius here so Tesco feel they can dictate what we buy.

    Seems the same has happened at Catterick. I think the nearest place where they can get a choice of supermarket is Darlington.

    Tesco know they have the monopoly in such places and use that to their advantage.

    I try to do my main shopping in Perth at least once a month, because I much prefer Morrisons or Aldi. Not everyone has the advantage of private transport though and there's the cost of fuel which must be taken into consideration.

    Bring back the NAAFI, that's what I say! You could buy anything there and you just had to ask and they would supply it.

  3. SR. I agree. The Naafi might have been more expensive, which led to their demise, But they did try and satisfy their customers. Even if they were hopeless at it.

  4. A sideways promotion to the Freezer Aisles for the manager. That'll concentrate his/her mind.

  5. To be fair Tesco branches are graded and recieve supplies as dictated by Head Office with almost no local decision making.

    Grade A - The biggest superdooper outlets get everything imaginable.

    Grade G -Tesco Metro convenience outlets get only basic goods in limited quantity.

    Tescos fault was in not being sensitive to the fact that this particular item would be in particular demand at that particular location.

  6. "Tescos fault was in not being sensitive to the fact that this particular item would be in particular demand at that particular location" ...

    What do they want, a fucking Telegram ?

    I spoke to my daughter, who's married to a British Army SNCO, last night & this cropped up in conversation ..

    Her hubby knows people serving in Catterick & apparently, feelings are running pretty high ..

  7. Capt Haddock (Nuff Repect)
    "What do they want, a fucking Telegram ?" Well, yes actually. I expect that as the storm brewed their PR girlies went into "Oh For Fucks Sake Tesco Move It!"

  8. Oi! I'll have you now I'm Tesco shareholder...

    ...but I shop in Waitrose!

    The dividends are much better than their produce.


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