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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Ecoloon fraternity are determined to see AGW sceptics burn.

You might remember in the dim and distant past that video doing the rounds, called 10:10. (Think of the Cheeeldren) Well they’re at it again with the video below. Basically, if you don’t subscribe to worshipping at the altar of climate change you are going to burn in hell.

Nice bunch these AGW Ecoloons.


  1. Well, some might burn in hell FE ..

    But I'll be too busy shaking hands with "old ships" for any o' that bollocks .. ;)

  2. The cornerstone of science is open and public discussion. So why am I not surprised to see:

    Adding comments has been disabled for this video.

    And since when were scientific theories chosen according to a popular vote, as opposed to (say) whether or not they fit the observations? But hey, I only studied the History & Philosophy of Science, what do I know?

  3. Seeing the burning man reminded me of bnfire night, when I had a moment of clarity (which doesn't happen often). The heat from the bonfire was intense and I suddenly saw it from a different point of view. The wood was made by the power of sunlight/sunheat from little more than carbon dioxide & water vapour from the atmosphere. The bofire was exactly reversing that, liberating heat, CO2 & H2O. (The ash was mostly the nutrients that tree roots extract from the earth.)
    So, what's the problem with releasing CO2 - nothing! Just plant a tree for every one cut down and the energy balance & CO2 levels are fully sustainable.

    Huhne is a hoon


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