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Friday, 7 October 2011

We are the Brits

Just a bit of a song post tonight. Instead of cowering in fear of the EU, we should remind ourselves. WE ARE THE BRITS. We’ll always be a great nation and should be proud of the fact.

keep calm

H/T to Witterings from Witney


  1. I don't believe that the average Brit is doing any cowering .. or needs to be reminded of our heritage ..

    Rather its our political so-called "leaders" who do the cowering .. in fact, if the Olympics had a cowering event, Cameron would win a gold medal ..

    And they definitely need reminding of the fact that one day (probably quite soon) their treasonous behaviour will come back to bite their arses ..

  2. The problem is that our "brits" are too busy watching X factor or "strictly" and don't realise what they are losing

  3. I hope you realise the "Keep calm"graphic is the subject of a copyright claim, and may not be used without permission...

  4. Didn't the UK give up the british bit and now you are English or Welsh or whatever.
    And what remains of the UK seems to have become a left wing experiment in eugenics.

  5. The Filthy Engineer said ...

    "The problem is that our "brits" are too busy watching X factor or "strictly" and don't realise what they are losing" ..

    I sometimes get the feeling that its not so much realisation .. but that they don't actually care ..

  6. Is there not also a certain irony in a song entitled "We are the Brits" being sung by someone called Anton Lorien ?

  7. A similar irony exists in the flying world. I was speaking to Carolyn Grace (the only female Spitfire pilot) at an airshow, and noticed that her aircraft's propeller was made by Hoffman (a German company). It turns out that no British firm remains with the capability to look after such equipment...

    Who won the bloody war, after all??

  8. "Who won the bloody war, after all??"

    Well, I think we did?

    Though it doesn't seem like it.


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