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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Oh, for crying out loud.

That’s if you’re a highly paid police officer.

A Met Police officer has been signed off sick with a 'broken heart' for four months after being dumped by a married colleague, it was claimed today.

The detective is believed to have been left devastated when her lover went back to his estranged wife.

Is a “Broken Heart” now become an illness?

If she wants time off, it should be unpaid leave. I received four days off when my father died. In that time I had to fly home, arrange the funeral, attend the funeral, and fly back.

The mother-of-one was apparently signed off on full pay with stress and failed to return to her £45,000-a-year job.

Ah I see.

This new disease called “stress” has afflicted her. I would say “grow a pair”, but obviously she is incapable.

It begs the question. Are our Police service fit for purpose?

if it was stress caused by investigating a truly gruesome murder, then maybe I could understand it.

But for FFS she was only having an affair with a married man!

My stress level has reached breaking point , so a large whisky is required.


  1. *facepalm* dear lord. what stupidity. the brass need a swift kick in the balls and SHE needs to be fired.

  2. Seems that "Stress" overtook "bad back/whiplash" as the main excuse for taking sickies last year.

  3. We're most definitely going to hell in a handcart.

  4. I'd have had them both for unprofessional behaviour. They are supposed to be investigating crime or what ever, not chasing each other round the desk.

    Remarkably, word verification is: milff

  5. "We're most definitely going to hell in a handcart."

    Not for much longer - new EU regs will outlaw such contraptions. They don't meet NCAP safety standards, and the emissions from the poor fuckers pushing them exceed Euro 5 limits...


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