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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Not tonight

I was going to try an attempt a serious post tonight. I’ll give you this instead.



A woman was proudly driving her 'pubic beetle' until the police arrested her after a series of accidents.

The court ruled that her car was creating a dangerous situation on the roads.

It was ruled that she had to paint-over her car's hood









You don't suppose the other drivers were driving along saying 'Twat the hell was that??'

It's a good thing she was picked up by the fuzz....
OK, enough with the cracks now!!


  1. Fabian The Fabulous13 October 2011 at 21:20

    If it was a Vulva, that would be the crumpet zone

  2. Arent Beetles are made by VAG?


  3. As it's a rear-engined car, there must be a boot(y) under the crack

  4. Too much fannying about for my liking...

    Has anyone thought about how the rear bonnet is painted? I mean, she could really make an arse (hole) of herself...


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