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Friday, 28 October 2011

Let’s go to Scotland for our booze.

The law of unintended consequences strikes the Righteous.

wine glass

A loophole in a new law to curb binge drinking could see wine lovers heading to Scotland for bargain booze.

They really didn’t think it through did they?

Customers are expected to take advantage of the recent Alcohol Scotland Act, which stops two-for-one deals and discounts on wine bought in bulk.
It means chains like Majestic, which only sells in bulk, must now sell individual bottles of wine at the lower multiple-buy price available in England.

And even if they close that loophole, there’s still this.

The day before the law came into effect, Tesco told Scottish customers they could still benefit from online wine deals – as  orders were sent from Daventry, England.


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  1. Typical outcome of stupid legislation instigated by the Puritanical few. Governments can't give in fast enough to the Puritans!

    Bastards, Puritans and Governments alike.


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