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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Sorry Miss.

Some excuses from kids that didn’t do their Homework

Note the spelling and Grammar.

Sorry Miss, I thort that I didn’t now that we had to wight sentinis as well.


I am reely sorry that I have no handed my home work in At the corect time and I should de more organased and more responnsadal for my own home work.


I will cope ever think think thick(My note: You got it right the first time) you rate on the bord sorry miss.


my orginiseing was atrotious. I am very sorry you had to waste time at breake. I will make sure this never happen again.

Last one.

dear Miss XXXXXXXXxX I am sorry for not doing my homework just wrote the wrong date down it will never happen agian I just did not liston to ensusions (?) and did not write in properly


We wonder why we have so many jobless at the moment? These were all written by secondary school pupils.

I actually found it quite difficult to transpose those from the written word into this post.


  1. I'm assuming that these abortions are the written aplogies from students at Britain's leading Universities, for failing to complete their dissertations on time ?

    That's based on the fact that .. little kids are capable of being far more inventive .. ;)

  2. These are all ideal candidates for employment as Diversity Coordinators or at the Dyslexia Institute.

    Are you sure these are secondary school pupils? Their understanding & use of english appears to be at the level of a six year old child.

    Perhaps they are more skilled at filling out welfare request forms?

  3. ensusions = instructions (I've met something similar before)

    If these are the work of those pupils polite and amenable enough to write apologies, does that imply another, less literate stratum below?

  4. These are all genuine letters. The actual handwriting is just as bad.

    Not a scientist of the future in sight I'm afraid.

  5. sigh...I worry about the future state of the world. especially considering our own schools here in the US are turning out students that while they aren't quite as bad, they aren't that good either. I doubt half of them could find their own country on a map.

  6. At last! Proof of 26 years of year on year improvement in our education system.


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