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Monday, 26 September 2011

BBC Speechless As Trader Tells Truth: “The Collapse Is Coming…And Goldman Rules The World”

The BBC presenters were gobsmacked by this truth from a Trader.

I think I need to move some money. Be right back.

H/T to Zerohedge


  1. Much more of that and the BBC news will be run with a 10 second delay...

  2. There was a young lady speaking on Newsnight a number of weeks ago saying much the same thing but you had to read between the lines. She was saying that to keep savings secure some clever dickies were paying for deposit accounts. She was trying to get a serious point across in a subtle way but I think it didn't hit the mark in the same way as this chappy has done. At the moment banks and other financial institutions are falling over themselves to grab your savings, offering 0.001% extra here and 0.0002% there whilst forcing you to tie up your cash for years or charging you to withdraw it. They want your cash with little cost to themsleves, having already nicked most of it in the bail outs.

  3. This vid is all over the interweb, even Remus has it, most opinions are that it is a true prediction. Have a look at what "A Very British Dude" at has to say.


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