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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Slow to anger


I’ve noticed an interesting change in opinion on the Libertarian Blogosphere lately, and for that matter the populace in general. Around the time of the election the thinking was, that maybe there was hope for change and we could forget about expensesgate because we would have a government that would listen to the citizens.

At first all was well, as most people will give the benefit of doubt to a newly elected Government. This attitude has now changed as bloggers see that this government is no better than the last, and in some cases equally as useless.

It’s begun to dawn on so many people, that most politicians are only in it for the money and prestige, and couldn’t give a fuck about what the man in the street thinks or wants. Why do they not realise why voter participation is falling by the year?

What interested me last weekend, whilst I was staying at my Brother in law’s house, was how attitudes are changing in the general public. Five years ago my Brother in Law and his wife were both Guardinistas (SPIT) and embraced the liberal left consensus . Today they read the Torygraph and question that paper’s credentials as being too weak and unquestioning.

But I’d better get back to the point of this post. I’m seeing a swing in the Blogosphere away from let’s unelect them to actually having them swing from lampposts. If the blogosphere is representative of at least a small number of the populace, then there are interesting times ahead. It takes a while for the average man in the street to get riled, especially when they are subjected to the insidious output from the Brainwashing Broadcasting Corporation, but the penny will finally drop.

It amazes me how shallow our wankers betters, in the Westminster bubble, both politicians and media are more obsessed with attacking News International, than  the slightly more important  subject of a global financial melt down which could come our way in the very near future. It must be a very opaque bubble indeed.

Why don’t they realise that they will bankrupt us with utterly stupid and ruinously expensive green energy policy?  Adding more to the household bills of those who can least afford it.

Why don’t they realise that their attack on civil liberties such as the smoking ban is now fostering a smouldering hatred of those who voted for it, without thought of the consequences?

My prediction is, that in time, when the true scale of the situation becomes apparent (And it may be measured in months or years) there will be a revolution against how this country is run and it won’t be pretty. The people  of this nation have been slow to anger through the ages but when they have……………………….

What do you think?


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  1. I cannot wait for the day of reckoning with these uber-cunts.

  2. The Wrath of the Awakened Saxon... Kipling

    “It was not part of their blood,
    It came to them very late,
    With long arrears to make good,
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    “They were not easily moved,
    They were icy — willing to wait
    Till every count should be proved,
    Ere the Saxon began to hate.

    “Their voices were even and low.
    Their eyes were level and straight.
    There was neither sign nor show
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    “It was not preached to the crowd.
    It was not taught by the state.
    No man spoke it aloud
    When the Saxon began to hate.”

    It was not suddenly bred.
    It will not swiftly abate.
    Through the chilled years ahead,
    When Time shall count from the date
    That the Saxon began to hate.

  3. Bye the way. There is a discount on piano wire for regular readers of this blog. You get it free, minus the postage and packaging of course.

    Not sure that that works in my interest?

  4. The present government are not only doing nothing to reverse the tide, but seem happy to continue further along NuLabour's bansturbatory path. They are neither Liberal nor Conservative.

    Maybe history will tell that Stony Stratford was a turning point.

  5. made me smile about your brother in law - we have made the same journey.


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