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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Religion of Peace?

I think not. Just watch the video below. Truly horrifying the way this teacher rewards his pupils for studying the Quran.


Thanks to Max Farquar for the posting of this vid which I’ve nicked from him.

Truly Appalling. Further words fail me.


  1. What a bastard !

    If he did that to my kids he wouldn't be able to walk for a long time.

  2. I got the "strap" for poor penmanship when I was a kid. Not by the teacher - had to go to the principal's office - more formal than this and the waiting was almost worse than the strap.


  3. in 1957 i got far worse then that , my crime not closing my eyes during morning prayers

  4. I wonder what he does, when they're good?

  5. Perhaps it's aversion therapy - with luck they'll grow up hating islam as the vile, controling, vicious, and violent religion that is truly is; concerned more with suppressing free thought and dictating all aspects of behaviour than any spirituality.

    Oh, and islam means submission, not peace.

  6. Is what this asshole doing not a crime?

  7. There was another vid floating around about a year ago showing a moslem cleric similarly abusing (slightly older?) pupils at an Islamic school somewhere in England.


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