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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Racism knows no borders.


The Angry Exile is not going to like this.

Andrew Marantz, a freelance American writer, spent three weeks in an Indian call centre earlier this year, where he discovered that attitudes towards Australians were particularly harsh.

During his training, a senior employee named Lekha, told staff joining the company that Australia was populated by dimwits.

"Just stating facts, guys," Lekha said, "Australia is known as the dumbest continent. Literally, college was unknown there until recently. So speak slowly."

Mind you it maybe the case of pots and kettles.

When asked about other famous Australian traits he had one answer: racism.

"They are quite racist. They do not like Indians," he told the class.

"Their preferred term for us is please don't mind, ladies 'brown bastards.'

So if you hear that kind of language, you can just hang up the call."

Then he goes too far, by a mile. Surely the next cannot be true, can it?

Lekha went on to explain that Australians were "backward", with many owning outdated mobile phones.

He also cautioned new workers not to bother ringing Australia on a Friday night, because of the nation's love affair with alcohol.

"Australians drink constantly," he said. "If you call on a Friday night, they'll be smashed every time."

Aussies drink? Nah


  1. Captain Haddock27 July 2011 at 20:23

    Having been "ashore" with a few Aussies in my time .. I think it fairly safe to say, they won't be giving a flying fuck about what this wanker thinks ..

  2. "backward", with many owning outdated mobile phones.

    That's me stereotyped, then... DILIGAF - to use a well known Aussie comedians phrase.

    I don't much care for being constantly called by fucking Indian call centres, either. The cnuts work on the premise that "International" companies don't have to abide by the Telephone Preference service, but really piss me off by typically hanging up as soon as I point this out. Bastards won't even put up a fight...

  3. And it's Australians that are racist?
    The responses they get couldnt have anything to do with their calls being to try and sell you shit you dont want, at an inconvenient time, in an accent you cant understand.

  4. Don't have much to add to the other three comments apart from the bullshit about drinking. Apart from Darwin, which does have an annual drinking festival (it lasts 12 months) Australian don't really love alcohol - they just tell it they love it to get it into bed.

  5. My Australian cousins don't drink a lot but they do do a lot of marajuana.

    One Indian call centre tried to flog me a new ISP and I was quite interested but they could not deal with my request to call me before 11am since after that I was likely to be drivinbg.
    After three afternoon calls I told them to shove it.

  6. Surprisingly I've just had one of those call centres on the phone just minutes ago. call me racist if you will? But why couldn't he speak the Queens English before trying to sell me something? I've still no idea what he was trying to sell me.

  7. Why do they always call first thing on a Saturday morning when I'm trying to have a lie-in?

    Caller: (To be spoken in heavy Indian sub-continental accent)
    "Hello, my name is Andrew."

    Me: Yeah, right!. ( puts phone down.

  8. Definition of a new Zealander?

    An Australian that can read and write.


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