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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Make up your minds.

polar bears

First we had Global cooling. Then we had Anthropogenic Global warming. Next was Climate change, followed swiftly by climate disruption.  Now we’ve turned the whole lot around and are back to Global cooling. My head’s starting to spin now.

Who would possibly have thought it? The latest news is that the world may be threatened by a sharp drop in temperatures, possibly so severe that it could herald a new mini ice age.

Writes Christopher Booker in the Daily Mail today.

And of course the cause of it is man’s pollution of the atmosphere. What’s that I hear you say? Surely that’s warming the planet as we have been told by a consensus of scientists over the last few years.

But hang on a moment. Aren't these new climate scaremongers the very same people who only a few years back were telling us that the planet was in danger of being fried to a crisp by runaway global warming?

Read the whole article. He really fisks the greeny slant well.

They're all at it — from the environmental activists of Greenpeace, the WWF and their allies in the BBC and the Met Office, to those thousands of scientists across the world who have received billions in funding from governments investing in climate change research and prevention — all still battling to keep in being the greatest scare story in the history of the world.

I only buy the Daily fail as, ahem, Mrs FE likes to read it.

The pic doesn’t fit the story, but I liked it.


  1. Back in the 1970s, the same scaremongering idiots were predicting global cooling, long before they (realised there was more tax revenue in warming fears and) changed their "minds".

    And I'll punch the next person to come out with, "the science is settled", or similar utter bollocks. These despicable climate nurks have badly damaged the perception of science, so now very few children want a scientific career - worrying for the future prosperity of the UK.

  2. At least my son had the right idea. He gained a Masters in chemistry and walked into a well paid job for his age.

  3. Torygraph on 4th July:-

    "Exponents of global warming have struggled to explain why temperatures have declined in recent years instead of rising in line with the significant increase in greenhouse gas emissions.

    Researchers now claim that sulphur emissions from power plants in China are blocking sunlight and having a cooling effect on the atmosphere, cancelling out the effect of global warming."

    So the earth's cooling, thanks to China's dirty power stations. Why couldn't we use our own dirty power stations to combat Global Warming, instead of exporting the benefit of cheap power to Asia?

    For the avoidance of doubt: /sarc


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