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Friday, 3 June 2011

Mobile Phones. Ban them now!

The boy was leaving his work yesterday where he works as an industrial chemist, and as he usually does, he uses his phone on the way to the car to phone his sister. (Very occasionally he calls his father. That’s me)

Halfway through his telephone call he hears a loud bang from behind him and presumes it is the building safety valve lifting. He carries on with his phone call.

Finally conversation exhausted, he jumps in the car to drive home only to discover on rounding the corner of the building that the he heard noise wasn’t a safety valve at all.

He is presented with a slight problem. The way is blocked by the rubble of the building next door that has blown up!

Needless to say he was late for his evening meal.

Apparently the town was still blanketed by a chemical miasma this morning.

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