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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Could it happen here?

Imagine the scene:


The Uk’s people’s movement has finally awoken, Trafalgar square in London is now the country’s Tahrir Square, and the ‘Arab Spring’ has been joined by what is now bracing to become a long ‘European Summer’. As people across the Arab world continue their popular struggle for justice, peace and democracy, The Uk’s disillusioned citizens have finally caught on with full force. Slow at first, hopeful that the Uk’s dire economic conditions would magically correct themselves, the UK street has finally understood that democratic and economic justice and peace will not come from the pulpits of the country’s corrupt political elite. [......] A failed European project, with its borders quickly being reinstated, a collapsing Euro currency, and the examples of Greece, Portugal and Ireland are the reminders to those on the streets of what it is they are fighting to disassociate themselves from, and of the freedoms they are working towards. The economic and political project of the country’s elite has destroyed the economic dreams of whole generations of naïve and apathetic British. [...] A silent revolution has begun in the UK, a nonviolent revolution which seeks democracy through democratic means, justice through just means, and peace through peaceful means has finally captivated the imagination of the British people, and now there is no turning back. Hopefully an articulate steering committee will flourish soon from amongst the crowds, which is capable of making clear and viable demands that grab the imagination of the country and force the political elite to comply."

I would like to think so. However the above paragraph has been adjusted to read “UK” instead of “Spain”.

I personally think that unless our political scum politicians start to listen to the people that matter in this country (You and Me), the scenario above will eventually happen. What happened to the upstanding business men of old who after working to build up a company then decided to enter politics to try and improve the condition of their constituents? All I see now is a political class that has no affinity with how the real world works.

Many thanks to Witterings from Witney


  1. Thanks for the link, TFE. I can but agree that it won't be long before the people will rebel and then heaven help our political class!

  2. Captain Haddock18 May 2011 at 21:52

    I don't believe that its a matter of "Could this happen here" ? ..

    More a matter of how long it will be before it does happen ..

    And as you rightly say FE, until our elected politicians start taking notice of the wishes of those who can or do vote for them (as opposed to "glad-handing" it in the Third World)..

    That time might be approaching a great deal faster than any of them seem to realise ..

  3. I think there are two problems. One is the quality of our self-serving, rorting, professional politicians who have some theoretical knowledge but little experience of real life. The other is a problem with democracy when no particular party has any significant advantage and we end up with hung parliaments. This just causes stagnation in the system.


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