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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Profile of an arch Ecotwat

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Alexis RowellAlexis Rowell

cuttingthecarbon was set up by Alexis Rowell after he discovered that man-made climate change meant the North Pole was going to disappear in his lifetime. Alexis's first career was as a BBC journalist from 1989 to 1998, mostly reporting on the consequences of the fall of the Berlin Wall. After completing an MBA at INSEAD in 1999, and spending seven years working in business development for technology companies, his concern about climate change led him to seek election in 2006 as a councillor in the London Borough of Camden. He was appointed Camden Eco Champion and Chair of the council's all-party Sustainability Task Force.

Excuse me Alexis. How the fuck can climate change eradicate the North Pole? And of course, surprise, surprise, he was moulded by the BBC. And he’s a fucking ECO champion!  Hang him.


  1. Perhaps, he means that if the ice melts this will cause a flip in the earth's magnetic field. So north will be south etc... :)

  2. Have a look at this if you haven’t already. I was going to say more but I don’t feel like a day or two in the Tower this week, or take my RFA Good Servile Medal away, what ever shall I do?

  3. ALEXIS ???

    I always though that was a Tart's name ..

    On the other hand ...

  4. An MBA, just about sums up what a twat he is...

  5. Let me guess...Alexis is shagging Sarah Nicholl


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