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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Those leaks.

So far I’ve not posted about the Wikileaks as many have posted better than I can.

However I find it strange that there are large corporations trying to cause maximum damage to the Wikileak group. Paypal, Ebay, Visa, Amazon, etc.

It is odd that they feel so strongly about Tittle Tattle voiced by Governments but didn’t seem so concerned about the previously leaked Military documents. Something is not right.

*Dons Tinfoil hat*


Could it be that Assange let slip that the next revelations in January will be about Malpractice in the Banking system? Bank of America was mentioned. Has this so frightened some institutions, that they maybe implicated in some illegal practices, therefore they are trying for a pre-emptive strike in the name of “National security”?

Especially if it was found that governments knew what was happening in the banking system before the crash. It would not only be CEOs of banks that would be prosecuted. Governments could fall.

*Takes of Tinfoil hat and replaces it carefully back in the cupboard*

What do you think?


  1. Wouldn't be surprised, the idiots that run the countries are usually corrupt to the extent they are at the mercy of financiers.

  2. Govenments could fall!

    Oooohhhh! Hope so.

  3. Maybe we might get a government that works for us and not the other way round.

  4. I recently trudged my way through this and not even reading between the lines one gets the overwhelming impression that that old quote:
    "Give me control of a nation's money
    and I care not who makes the laws."

    reverberates deafeningly.

    It's not like it's really hidden it's just that UK and US media are paid for whores. Wikileaks gives them the opportunity to copy n paste and say "we dint do it - was was the pesky pervert Aussie" The pressures to conform to the constipated establishment infotainment propaganda agenda lead to an actual real news famine - wikileaks is a relief convoy loaded with I hope some very potent purgatives.

    I do not posses a tin foil hat or even RF proof underwear.

  5. I posted a video over at mine,by Stefan molyneux,and he is implying it has something to do with the banks in the US not actually owning the houses they have repossessed.When this info is released they are going to be in a world of shit.(the banks and the ruling classes.

  6. The truth always hurts the wrong-doer ..

    Hence the inordinate amount of effort being expended to supress the truth ..

  7. The real crime of Assange is to show that those who rule over us have no clothes. They cannot allow that to happen. I have also read that he has enough files to bring down a large american bank, but who is surprised? Those banks should have been left to fail (you could have exchanged debt for capital for example).

    If you search for foreclosuregate, you will see the extent of the banks problems in the US.

    That said, lest we forget, at the time, it suited everybody. It does not absolve banks, but they're not the only culpable ones.


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