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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Fancy a cruise?

I used to do this for a living. Just imagine yourself in that position. Mountainous seas, reduced propulsion, and terrified passengers. Fun heh.

Let’s sing. “A life on the Ocean wave”.

Altogether now.

Note the cargo vessel trying to fire a line across. Really should allow for the wind. 2/10. Must do better.


  1. Thanks, but I just had one!

    Very interesting though. This ship is the Clelia II. I thought I recognized it as I have been on the Island Sky in the past and this is an identical ship. I think I am crossing Antarctica off my future cruise list!!

    I recently was asking one of my fellow passengers in the Pacific about their experiences crossing the Drake Passage. They said no problem until they were on their way back from South Georgia to Ushaia - the same area this ship hit problems. They said they hit a bit of a storm, but apart from being thrown out of bed a few tmes, cuts and bruises and two passengers with 'breakages' - one leg and one arm - they had a great time and thoroughly recommended it...

    So no, thank you. I'm off to the Arctic next year. It's nearer and safer - and ice is ice! Just polar bears instead of penguins...

    Strains of Tom Learer singing the Masocism Tango come to mind...

  2. I'm guessing that caption should be, "Near the South Shetland Islands". Or did Gordo sell them off and let 'em be towed to the Southern Ocean?

  3. 0/10 for RAS Skills ..

    Not like it used to be, with the old Coston gun line, fired from an SLR is it FE ? ..

    Happy days ... Lol

  4. Fired from An SA80 nowadays Captain.

  5. I think you are being a bit hard on them, Filthy.
    I guess we've both been out in these conditions, and to be there is just bloody awful. OK to talk about later, if there is a later. When I was gainfully employed a container ship went down off Halifax NS, there was a helicopter actually directly overhead at the time. The ship suddenly capsized and there was only one survivor, the 2nd mate, who happened to be out on a bridge wing at the time.
    Let us all give thanks to merchant seamen.
    Peter Melia

  6. Couldn't agree more Peter ..

    I've been in some "roughers" in my time .. And there but for the grace of God etc ..

  7. Modern ships are so much better designed these days. Gone are the days where all you had was a single Doxford. Most new ships are built with multiple redundancy in their propulsion and steering. As you can see from the video they still have power and are doing the sensible thing by facing into the swell.

  8. "Fired from An SA80 nowadays Captain" ...

    Nothing stays the same FE ..

    When my old man was an RM Cpl on Ramillies, they were using SMLE's to fire lines across for "Jack-stay" transfers ..

    And if his Grandad (also former RM) was to be believed .. they used bloody Crossbows .. (only kidding) .. Lol

    I've got some old photos of when I was on Intrepid (RM Detachment), of us doing a liquid RAS in the S.China Sea .. with RFA Olna ..


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