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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Anna Raccoon and the Hollie Grieg case


I’ve just been doing a bit of digging and presume this is the tosspottery that made her life hell.


Here’s her article.

Anna's expose of band wagon jumpers. Or those that lay flowers at the site of idiots.

Now before you nutters  flock to my comments, I will state that I abhor paedophiles.

Come on, the comments are open.

The Hollie Grieg site is here

Put your money where your big mouths are. Give me facts not innuendo. Show me your sources.

You have forced a blogger with the highest integrity to quit. Makes you proud? No I don’t think so.


  1. It's funny, because as I recall incidents, Anna Raccoon merely provided an alternative opinion to Old Holborn (on OH's blog) on the version of the Holly Grieg story he'd posted previously (with OH'S permission).

    So in effect, it was a balanced debate with two different angles explored and full freedom of speech permitted in the comments, unlike the MSM. A good thing, and the way to do it, one would have thought.

    I personally think her detractors merely went for her because she's female and a peaceable Quaker. I do wish they'd grown some balls and had it out with her in the comments section.

    Now they just look like bullying cowards...

  2. I saw a big lorry labelled Orthopaedic beds today -I'm surprised the moronic masses haven't torched it yet. Just like those Paedriatricians who were vilified - the oafs have been programmed to attack almost subliminally: a key word or phrase and off they go with thier baseball bats and petrol. We're all fucked.

  3. Anna Raccoon Rocks ... And Hollie Greig was never abused ...

  4. More Anna Raccoon abusers here!/Justice4Hollie?v=wall


  6. As I remember it, Anna simply brought to everyone's attention that it is nigh on impossible to get a conviction when the victim is "special needs".

  7. Anna's reporting of occurences surrounding Hollie Greig case appear incontravertible, and there is little evidence of what has been claimed.
    Greg Lance Watkins also comes over as someone who seeks evidence, and rightly so. However, his website lists a great many abuses in the form of opinions to those who hold beliefs which they cannot evidentially substantiate and are therefore labelled conspiracy theorists, liars, nutters and worse. This does G L-W no favours. Can evidence be produced that God exists? It's a belief. I'm an atheist, but I don't knock those who believe, unless they challenge my dis-belief.

    On the Hollie Greig case I would have no further comment.

  8. Some psycho stalker latched onto her and that's it. Some embittered twisted nonce with claws for fingers.I'd like to find it and dismember it cell by cell.

  9. anyway, i shall miss Anna's prose, a lot!


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