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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Even the Russians are reporting about our overbearing state machine.

And they should know.


“We used to instinctively react against the state’s incursions into our freedom, into our free space. And what the last government did was – very cunning and surreptitious – to bit by bit slice off our freedoms,”

From Russia Today.  You never get this reported by Pravda the BBC.

Update: The vid doesn’t work after publishing. The link should get you to it.


  1. I don't know if it's anything to do with my location (Spain), but I get video stream not found....

  2. Not found from UK either.

  3. Try the link? The vid won't work for me either now.

  4. Felix Dzerzhinski would have creamed his jeans had be been permitted the level of interference in & control over peoples lives which we live under .. in a so-called "Free" country ..

  5. The Russia Today link worked for me. 'Russia'! What is it with this title that makes me think 'irony' after all we have heard and believed about a Communist based state suppressing the people, and here it being a point of enlightenment to just that.

    Russia - and acronym?

  6. I discovered Russia Today, France 24, & a German english language news TV station on satellite abroad.

    Al are much better than BBC Worldwide (basically News 24 with adverts).

    BBC news trivialises everything it covers - unless it's playing a 'Think of the children' line.


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