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Monday, 20 September 2010

The sweet smell of success

A knife-wielding thief scarpered after his victim sprayed him in the eyes with air freshener.

Well done that quick thinking man.

The thug, armed with a craft knife, got a shock after knocking on Arthur Whitehouse’s door.

Sensing the danger, the 70-year-old retired dustbin man grabbed the can and sprayed the masked man in the face with his trusty can of Wilkinson's 'Citrus Fresh'.

‘I would have dropped dead if I’d tried to fight him off at my age,’ said Mr Whitehouse, who lives in Cannock, Staffordshire. ‘So I used my air freshener – it was my quickest defence.’

This is the second time Whitehouse has fought off a would-be thief with air freshener, after a similar incident occurred when a hooded man attempted to break in, last year.

Still the downside is that the Police will probably be round shortly and arrest him for assault.


  1. A pity he didn't light the spray, it makes a good improvised flame-thrower.

  2. He could always tell Plod that in his fright, he thought it was Pepper Spray, which he used cos he couldn't find his Tazer .. Lol


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